Mullacott Business Park

Mullacott Business Park is one of the most popular business parks / industrial estates in North Devon and has almost doubled in size in recent years due to the ideal and accessible location and is considered to be especially suitable for any business offering services to the north Devon area. There are also a number of companies on the estate providing goods and services to multinational businesses. The unit will shortly be vacant and ready for new occupiers. The building is insured by the Landlord with the tenant contributing towards the insurance.

Benefit from the number of visitors to the estate brought by other businesses already benefiting from being located close to Ilfracombe: Jewsons, Philip Dennis, RNLI, Electric Centre Trade Counter, Investacast Castings, Bearmans Plumbing Trade Counter, Barum Autos, Howdens, Tritech Engineering, Ilfracombe Food Services, St Austel Brewery. Other businesses at Mullacott Crossinclude Dog Grooming, Joinery, Printing, Motor body repairs, Sign making, Internet sales, Storage, Double glazing, Recreational services, Entertainment etc.

Why Mullacott?

Ideal Location

Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the area benefits from road access to all areas of North Devon, both for your business and leisure activities.

Flexible Lease

We appreciate that not everyone wants to be committed to long leases but also require the Landlord to offer security for a business to grow. We will speak to you prior to any lease being drawn up to make sure we offer you security and flexibility.

Range of Sizes

Units range from 740 square feet up to 4,000 square feet, reflecting the sizes prefered by local businesses serving the area.

Business Community

The sense of belonging is very strong at Mullacott with like-minded neighbours you will be working and growing your business within a varied and successful community.

New Development

Demand for commercial space at Mullacott Business Park has been very strong even through the recession. New units are always potentially available should you feel your business will benefit from having a units specially built for you.

Low Rates

Because of government incentives for small businesses at Mullacott Business Park many of the smaller units are currently exempt from paying any business rates. Please check with the Council for latest information.

Units Available

Please call for an update on any units that may be available on 07711 342275
or email
  • Who We Are

    Chiverton & Co Ltd specialise in providing quality commercial space with added flexibility to accommodate the changing needs of businesses over a period of time. The units located at Mullacott Business Park in the Ilfracombe area of North Devon are suitable for almost any small to medium sized enterprise.

  • How we can help

    Chiverton & Co Ltd have built a strong relationship with all of our tenants at Mullacott Business Park and offer regular contact to ensure tenants are receiving best value for their enterprises. We will try to find extra space on the estate should tenants temporarily require extra storage. Also all tenants get first refusal over "Outside" enquiries should a unit become available on the estate and no fees change from one unit to another or when tenants take a second unit.

Join these successful companies at Mullacott Business Park and benefit
from the increased customer flow to the estate.

  • Contact Us

    If you are interested in learning more about Mullacott Business Park please contact us:

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